NARS – Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation

Hi Friends, I am back with another review of my Holy grail foundation. It is the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. I am super excited to be reviewing this foundation because I am in love with NARS. They make some of the best products such as Foundations, Concealer and let's not forget about their Lipsticks.… Continue reading NARS – Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation


#MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment

Digital Artefact: YouTube Video (BCM332 #MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment): Contextual Statement: Finally, the digital artefact is complete but before submitting, reflection is need. Here I go, my aim of this project was to raise awareness of the issue “Sexual harassment” and I wanted to find ways for those people to… Continue reading #MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment

BCM240, SemC

Research Project + Reflection Reflection: WELCOME BACK 🙂 Thirteen weeks later, my research on collecting reaction of myself and people watching mukbang and confirming the reaction with the expert itself is complete – but before I get excited about my last submitted assessment of the year. I’m going to reflect on what I have learned about the ethnography… Continue reading Research Project + Reflection


Case Study (Final): Cultural Appropriation

In the fashion world, trends are so quick to come and go just like the changing of seasons. Designers push up their game looking for whatever is new and exciting, so that audiences comes back again and again. This field is the first one to cross the boundaries of societal norms and self-expression. Fashion has influenced us enormously,… Continue reading Case Study (Final): Cultural Appropriation

BCM240, SemC

Photography ethics ‘Can I post this picture’?

Let’s think about some questions: Would it matter to you if someone published your photo online without your permission? How about if it was an unflattering photo? And what about if it was a photo of a close friend, your child, or a relative? It’s so easy nowadays to take pictures and upload it onto… Continue reading Photography ethics ‘Can I post this picture’?

BCM240, SemC

Where Are You Right Now?

Most of us imagine space as a physical element, a visible location, for example, my house, the university, or more specifically the BCM240 lecture room where I am sitting at now. But we rarely think about the extensive space, that we may encounter in our social world with our possible relationships, interactions and emotions. In other… Continue reading Where Are You Right Now?