BCM240, SemC

Research Project + Reflection

https://youtu.be/0j01NtTcmNw Reflection: WELCOME BACK 🙂 Thirteen weeks later, my research on collecting reaction of myself and people watching mukbang and confirming the reaction with the expert itself is complete – but before I get excited about my last submitted assessment of the year. I’m going to reflect on what I have learned about the ethnography… Continue reading Research Project + Reflection


Blogs design and strategies

Semester C has blown by so quickly, WOW. Over the past 9 weeks I have been focusing on writing and organizing my blog posts on a range of topics related to media, audience and place. This course was simple but challenging in a way that the blog topics were quite prescriptive if compared with other… Continue reading Blogs design and strategies

BCM240, SemC

Research Proposal on “Mukbangs”

Here comes the most exciting part of BCM240 course, being able to choose a topic of interest by my own for my research project. In the final 3-4 weeks of semester I will design, implement and evaluate a digital project on one of the ways that media audience research and spatial research can interact. So… Continue reading Research Proposal on “Mukbangs”

BCM240, SemC

Photography ethics ‘Can I post this picture’?

Let’s think about some questions: Would it matter to you if someone published your photo online without your permission? How about if it was an unflattering photo? And what about if it was a photo of a close friend, your child, or a relative? It’s so easy nowadays to take pictures and upload it onto… Continue reading Photography ethics ‘Can I post this picture’?

BCM240, SemC

My Cinema Experience in Hagerstand’s concept

I have to begin with saying that watching a movie in a cinema is far better experience than watching one at home. It will win over it million times no matter how much we deny it, there is something about being in there with full darkness dynamic and enjoying a film with your partner in… Continue reading My Cinema Experience in Hagerstand’s concept

BCM240, SemC

How the internet is changing practices and spaces

In my week 2 blog, my dad shared his experience of watching television from his childhood. In his time all the family, friends and people from the town would gather and sit in the open area at someone’s home who had a TV to watch the television. In 1960’s it was a form of social… Continue reading How the internet is changing practices and spaces

BCM240, SemC

Collaborative Ethnography (+/-)

  According to Lassiter (2005), Collaborative Ethnography refers to “literally working together, especially on intellectual effort”. There are multiple authors in the project writing about their experiences based on their ethnographic observation. Yes, there are a lot of reasons for Collaborative Media Ethnography to be successful, but I also think there are high chances for them… Continue reading Collaborative Ethnography (+/-)

BCM240, SemC

Dad’s Memories of TV

While I was asking my dad about his childhood experience with TV, his memories started refreshing. He said that the culture of watching television has changed so much from his time comparing with my time. He told me that he lived in a village with his mother, 2 sisters and 2 aunties. “My family was… Continue reading Dad’s Memories of TV

BCM240, SemC

Where Are You Right Now?

Most of us imagine space as a physical element, a visible location, for example, my house, the university, or more specifically the BCM240 lecture room where I am sitting at now. But we rarely think about the extensive space, that we may encounter in our social world with our possible relationships, interactions and emotions. In other… Continue reading Where Are You Right Now?