Digital Artefact: Personal Branding

Digital Artefact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xERtE7lRWY Reflection: For my final BCM310 research project, I choose to research on how important is personal branding to the career development in creative industry in Hong Kong. I decided to interview my classmates of the Bachelors of Communication and Media Studies. As they are the ones most likely to be going in creative… Continue reading Digital Artefact: Personal Branding


#MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment

Digital Artefact: YouTube Video (BCM332 #MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaiY0Cj5ykQ&t=1s Contextual Statement: Finally, the digital artefact is complete but before submitting, reflection is need. Here I go, my aim of this project was to raise awareness of the issue “Sexual harassment” and I wanted to find ways for those people to… Continue reading #MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment

BCM240, SemC

Research Project + Reflection

https://youtu.be/0j01NtTcmNw Reflection: WELCOME BACK 🙂 Thirteen weeks later, my research on collecting reaction of myself and people watching mukbang and confirming the reaction with the expert itself is complete – but before I get excited about my last submitted assessment of the year. I’m going to reflect on what I have learned about the ethnography… Continue reading Research Project + Reflection


Case Study (Final): Cultural Appropriation

In the fashion world, trends are so quick to come and go just like the changing of seasons. Designers push up their game looking for whatever is new and exciting, so that audiences comes back again and again. This field is the first one to cross the boundaries of societal norms and self-expression. Fashion has influenced us enormously,… Continue reading Case Study (Final): Cultural Appropriation


Blogs design and strategies

Semester C has blown by so quickly, WOW. Over the past 9 weeks I have been focusing on writing and organizing my blog posts on a range of topics related to media, audience and place. This course was simple but challenging in a way that the blog topics were quite prescriptive if compared with other… Continue reading Blogs design and strategies

BCM240, SemC

Research Proposal on “Mukbangs”

Here comes the most exciting part of BCM240 course, being able to choose a topic of interest by my own for my research project. In the final 3-4 weeks of semester I will design, implement and evaluate a digital project on one of the ways that media audience research and spatial research can interact. So… Continue reading Research Proposal on “Mukbangs”


Headdress and Cheongsam Cultural Appropriation

We are at a point where fashion world is at its peak, the relation we have with the industry is fierce. We love to take that fashion into our daily life, and show it off around on the streets. But do we realise what happens if we use or wear an item from people’s culture… Continue reading Headdress and Cheongsam Cultural Appropriation