Film Review – Annabelle: Creation

Director - David F. Sandberg Produced by: Peter Safran, James Wan Written by: Gary Dauberman Cast - Samuel Mullins (Anthony Lapaglia), Esther Mullin (Miranda Otto), Annabelle "Bee" Mullin (Samara Lee), Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman), Linda (Lulu Wilson), Janice (Talitha Bateman), Nancy (Philippa Coulthard), Carol (Grace Fulton), Kate (Tayler Buck), and Tierney (Lou Lou Safran) Rating - 3/5 Looking to increase your body's noradrenaline after spending… Continue reading Film Review – Annabelle: Creation


Screenplay rewrite + Reflection

GROUP: KHAN SULTANA NAZISH (5980161) NORA (5994020) "CLOSER" screenplay to Film Noir TITLE OVER BLACK: 1950 FADE IN. EXT. TUNNEL - NIGHT The steam train entered a tunnel. Came out from the tunnel. It keeps moving in and out of the tunnel. FADE OUT: INT. SLEEPER – NIGHT CUT IN A HEADBOARD Darkness room, a… Continue reading Screenplay rewrite + Reflection