BCM240, SemC

Collaborative Ethnography (+/-)

  According to Lassiter (2005), Collaborative Ethnography refers to “literally working together, especially on intellectual effort”. There are multiple authors in the project writing about their experiences based on their ethnographic observation. Yes, there are a lot of reasons for Collaborative Media Ethnography to be successful, but I also think there are high chances for them… Continue reading Collaborative Ethnography (+/-)


Selfieee Craze

Are you sick of reading about selfies? Everyone would already know what a selfie is. But what precisely is a selfie? A selfie is a photographic object that initiates the transmission of human feeling in the form of a relationship between photographer and photographed, between image and filtering software, between viewer and viewed, between individual… Continue reading Selfieee Craze

BCM240, SemC

Dad’s Memories of TV

While I was asking my dad about his childhood experience with TV, his memories started refreshing. He said that the culture of watching television has changed so much from his time comparing with my time. He told me that he lived in a village with his mother, 2 sisters and 2 aunties. “My family was… Continue reading Dad’s Memories of TV

BCM240, SemC

Where Are You Right Now?

Most of us imagine space as a physical element, a visible location, for example, my house, the university, or more specifically the BCM240 lecture room where I am sitting at now. But we rarely think about the extensive space, that we may encounter in our social world with our possible relationships, interactions and emotions. In other… Continue reading Where Are You Right Now?



Throughout the whole semester, I have been working on the research question “How does social media influence body image on young people”. My assumption was because of key opinion leaders e.g. Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie, etc. Researches that I read did back up my assumption, but also it was mentioned that it’s very… Continue reading Reflection


Part 2: Individual Comparative Analysis

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my annotated bibliography about “Body Image and the Media”, I have taken this as my research task for BCM210 course. My original idea was to explore how people are influenced by the media in general about body image. However now it’s a bit changed. For me Body Image… Continue reading Part 2: Individual Comparative Analysis


Part 1: Group Analysis

Trial Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yB50kW6CR6cHMxOOwMFWwYUA79ty_JZ0mqpttcAB-zw/edit Final Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CSq8eyVPB3ClZGQOoGsxxXEOIEIBA0f1lupPSIu8Jyk/edit#responses The main interest of our group was over youngsters being Influenced by Key Opinion Leaders, in terms of purchasing products/services, body image/self-esteem, and plastic surgery. To be regarded as an opinion leader, one must be knowledgeable or competent in the area in which his or her leadership is sought.… Continue reading Part 1: Group Analysis