Kiehls Clearly Corrective™️ Dark Spot Solution Review

Hiii Queens, Today you will be reading a review on a “miracle” skincare product from Kiehls. Does it really work like magic?

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I have a fair skin, so when my pimples leave any scars, they are veryyyy prominent. Due to that I was left behind with pimple scars and red pitted scars. Last year, I was at a point where I wanted to cure both my pimples and scars. That’s when I decided to try their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution for my acne-scars and hyperpigmentation.

The Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is packed in a glass bottle with a dropper lid. You have to squeeze the lid of the dropper and deposit some of the solution on your hands to use it. The product is a clear liquid with a little gel-like consistency. It contains Activated C and I’m guessing that is Vitamin C – great for lightening scars, White Birch Extract – increases skin elasticity levels and collagen production, Peony Extract – reverses the discoloration.

I would say this product is 🚫 NOT an over-night miracle. It works gradually, but effectively. If you use it religiously; am 🌞 and pm 🌚 along with proper sun protection, you will see results. Though some products are over-night miracles, most skincare products take 4-6 weeks to actually show results. Personally it took me 2 bottles to start seeing a difference, which isn’t so impressive!!

I got a 30ml bottle for💰 495 HKD (I know what you are thinking about!) You can also get a 50ml bottle for 💰 680 HKD

It’s an expensive 💸 bottle, but if you use 2-3 drops each time the bottle will last for 3 months

Pros of Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution:
🙌🏻 Lightens scars and hyperpigmentation
🙌🏻 Brightens your skin and gives you a glow (after ages)
🙌🏻 A little goes for the longest time
🙌🏻 It is silicone-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free (my sensitive skin loves it!)
🙌🏻 Goes beautifully under makeup

Cons of Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution:
👎🏻 Pricey – It hurts to spend so much especially when you can’t see a difference within 2 weeks 😭
👎🏻 Must be followed by SPF, otherwise the scars might just darken up!!
👎🏻 Glass bottle or the dropper can easily break if you drop it
👎🏻 Not travel friendly

Would I Recommend Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution?
💯Yes, I would recommend it to a ‘patient’ 😏 friend. I will stress that this product takes time 🕤🕟🕢 to work

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