Digital Artefact: Personal Branding

Digital Artefact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xERtE7lRWY

For my final BCM310 research project, I choose to research on how important is personal branding to the career development in creative industry in Hong Kong. I decided to interview my classmates of the Bachelors of Communication and Media Studies. As they are the ones most likely to be going in creative industries after completing the degree. Another perfective that I bought into was an expert who already has a personal brand and is expanding it. I wanted to make a video to show my findings and research because I wanted to learn some new skills on how to edit videos, and to obviously come online and show my face as I want to be a YouTubers in the future. Although it took me time to show my face and confidently speak in front of the camera knowing that there will be different kind of audiences looking at me after the video is upload onto my YouTube Account. I am glad I did it. Yay

My topic inspiration came from the week1 or week2 topic “the self”, were we explored how micro celebrities, people brand themselves. In that way I have had a thinking process of how anyone who wants to be known by their achievements have to do something unique and of their own, that is when people are going to call you with your name or recognition. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” (Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder, Amazon)

To be honest I wasn’t able to figure out till the last minute if I should make a Prezi or make a video, and I am sure making a video was a better decision even though this format that I chose was difficult to edit, time consuming, and I wasn’t able to make it shorter I actually crossed 10 minutes. Even though it over the time limit, the information that I added was really all necessary because I tried to delete all of the extra talking or seconds/minutes which it was taking.  Adding music made the video even more lively and fun to watch. The best thing in this whole video is that I tried something new and I learnt a lot of new skills on how to edit, I used a different software this time to edit called Adobe premiere. Before I used to use iMovie to edit, but there are less tools, effects, and there we aren’t able to add our own subtitles as well.

So overall, I am really happy with my research findings and I had a lot of fun filming it, editing it and being in it. I feel like I have a better knowledge on personal branding as well after this research and it’s going to be very helpful for my stakeholders who are the media graduates, those who are thinking to start personal brand, recruiters, and creative industries.


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