#MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment

Digital Artefact:

YouTube Video (BCM332 #MeToo in Hong Kong, Together we can stop Sexual Harassment): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaiY0Cj5ykQ&t=1s

Contextual Statement:

Finally, the digital artefact is complete but before submitting, reflection is need. Here I go, my aim of this project was to raise awareness of the issue “Sexual harassment” and I wanted to find ways for those people to recover the trauma they faced. It is totally not fair to be experiencing such a thing at a workplace, at a school/college/university, or even on streets. When I was finding sources related to this case, I came up to many news it made me upset to the core. However, when I have found the sources where those people who were treated in such a way started to speak up and join the #MeToo campaign, it made me so happy that finally they have decided to move on, speak up, fight for themselves, and to empower themselves. It was so encouraging and motivational, that’s how we all can get together and make a change.

For presenting the message and the topic, I decided to choose and upload the video on YouTube platform because video is so powerful that it can reach to many audiences, 2 minute is not so long and the music also helps with empowering the whole video especially the message that I was trying to portray.

Before I started making/editing the video, I gathered all the sources/news, clips, images, and soundtrack that I needed. Afterwards I watched and looked through all of those, I drop down the important parts that I am going to add in the video. I had to write down subtitles for those parts as well. Afterward I went to the https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter where I could save the video and upload it into the video editing software and only keep the parts which I wanted. It was a tough job because it consumed a lot of my time. Adding international example and local example of sexual assault was what I wanted to make a strong point, to start or encourage Hong Kong people to join the #MeToo campaign and not to be scared or shy just like the famous Hurdler who was raped by her coach when she was 13 years old. she is such an inspiration for our people, who keeps silence just because of strict culture, or just because they might lose respect in the society, or they don’t have hope on anyone that anyone could help, or they are unsure of where to go for help.

I hope my research project helps someone, I will be really proud of myself to do this topic if it brings sunshine in even one person’s life. Overall I really enjoyed making a video for this course, I had a great time finding suitable picture and news/clips and soundtrack. In my point of view, I think it’s one of the best videos that I have created throughout my degree course.

if I can improve something I think it would be to make it more personalised, maybe next time if I have to make it better I would film something related to the topic by my own (maybe my own experience if I had one, or someone else’s who consents to help). Other than that I think it’s all okay for me.


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