Liquid Labour

As out concurrent immersion in all kinds of media is increasing, it is leading to the change in everyday life by blurring the lines between work and nonwork, work and leisure as well as between production and consumption. It leads to “Presence Bleed” – Overlapping of human existence and roles in terms of space and time.


Media has dominated every aspect of life, people are always connected to the decentralized global network and this is relevant to the concerns of interrelationship between real world and the online world. We don’t even realize that we are using media, it’s because there are multiple sources simultaneously available through shared and shifting attention.  We start of our day with the sound of phone alarm, spend most of the day at our desks in front of a computer screen and phone at hands, and spend the remainder of the day chatting and e-mailing. The family has become “Zombie”, even though it’s a nuclear family – it has all but died. No one is expected to stick around very long.


Some people don’t have an office, they work for companies that’s entirely based in the digital realm. Which provides services that works with the aid of information rather than providing physical goods. This is the Liquid Labour environment, it consists conditions like uncertainty, flux, change, conflict and revolution. A knowledge worker is always required to be available and unrestrained by borders (time and space).  

“Industrial work is set to the rhythm of the machine, while knowledge work  is set to the flow of information” (Mitew 2012).


For now, Convergence Culture is a top-down as decisions are processed by corporates, and it’s also a bottom up as decisions are made by consumers. It’s heavily shaped by the Conglomerates as they have developed relationships across multiple media platforms and also by consumer’s desires about where, when and how the media should be formatted,

We humans are both the creators and consumers. We are becoming a species whom’s priority revolves around everything else but themselves. 


Signing Off, 

Khan Sultana Nazish


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15 thoughts on “Liquid Labour”

    1. Hahahahahhahahah , no we won’t eat ourselves . Atleast let’s wish that never happens Literally 😂

      It’s just part of us now, our participation regarding internet shows digital culture . The environment we created therefore shows us how we give meaning to the changing context of how we live , work and play . Boundaries between which spaces , places and spheres of activity and perception have blurred .

      We look are the one who are giving making to this new human condition .


    1. Yes, we all realize it once we go through it . Now that we are students we are not realizing how our participation on internet is going to affect our work life later on . We are very much digital based now, most of the jobs also require being on NET , e-mailing and so on …

      It’s hard not to use devices , as we are now in the time where information is so important – “Knowledge workers”
      Can’t help but to work anywhere and anytime .

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  1. I don’t believe this would make a family become “Zombie” as being a knowledge worker can work more productively and manage your life much easier such as Republic of Estonia knowledge workers.

    Most Estonia republics are allowed to have a sideline. Their work culture focus on work-life balance. So Estonia republics usually using the network to manage their own business or team at home.That’s why Skype builds up.

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    1. That’s some good information to note down. I agree that Skype can connect people from other side , and we don’t need to b physically there , Especially an office from 9-5 pm . It’s flexible , whenever we want to finish the work .

      Because of flexibility demands from almost everyone , they also have to deal with what it comes along with . most of the time we think we are free but we are constantly working (checking / replying emais) . this effects the gathering


  2. Wow. This is well written. It reflects a clear idea on the conept of liquid labour. Also, maybe you could explain the idea of knowledge workers having to deal with more burden than those unskilled ones. I guess if you cover this topic area, it would be something interesting to read about.

    Keep writing! 🙂

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    1. oh right, thats a great idea.
      I should have added something like that to make it more interesting.

      and of course where ever you go, the top positions ones are always going to make some use out of you, if you are a skilled/ knowledgeable person. Employers are obviously going to take full advantage of that.
      but on the other hand unskilled workers have less to give, therefore their pay is also lower range then those who are more capable. However there’s alot of burden and expectations from knowledge workers nowadays.
      There is no option but to go with the flow.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep writing 🙂

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  3. I find your last statement “We humans are both the creators and consumers. We are becoming a species whom’s priority revolves around everything else but themselves” very intense! But in a positive way because unfortunately, it’s true. Nowadays, work and the “digital realm” is something that’s taking over our lives which is becoming a concern for a lot of people. It’s difficult to be a non-knowledge worker now because truthfully, they’re going to have a hard time surviving in this time and day. I wonder what are some ways we can be a knowledge worker and still be “human”.

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    1. Exactly , i wish there was a solution to our dream work which is to be flexible but also doing the amount of work thats even less than 9-5pm everyday work .

      In search of this, knowledge workers are being used even more because they think they have alot of time in between , but actually they are unconsciously being on social media and doing work which is even more then that should be in the first place .

      To have a dream life that they want , they are not living in the moment ! But there is no option either everyday 9-5pm job or a digital realm job (sit at home ) job which require availability and unconstrained borders (time and space )

      Its up to us because both ways we are being controlled . Its part of our life now.


    1. At this time, i think we won’t be able to adjust because from past to now technology has evolved so much, that we are expecting even more better inventions which can cause convenience to us especially in accessing it.

      But i hope, we won’t regret in the future. As we are consumers and also we are the creators of this media.

      Our attention is making it even more harder for us to survive, atleast for this generation and next generation while we are thinking that its getting better and better.

      Let’s just wish that we don’t die. HAHA 😀


  4. I for one welcome the new era where labor gets a new definition but we mustn’t trick ourselves into thinking that working this way is ideal – we often see posts and articles about Instagram, Twitter and other social media celebrities who find this to be a great new source of pressure for their everyday life.
    And I can definitely see this in other sectors as well, not just social media field.

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    1. I think we just laid back and for once think about where we have came to , then we would realize the life that we dream of is actually making us do more then what we are required to do , especially as a worker !

      Flexibility should be of less pressure but in-fact its workers are taking this too deeply when its all abt being on net all the time replying , emailing , advising , contacting through skype . You are always available so that you don’t miss something important , this is the actual problem that is caused tension to our leisure life . I guess ..

      Well; well; well;


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