The Network Society Paradigm

Cyberculture or Computer Culture has been created from the use of digital telecommunication network which lets the nodes to share resources for communication, entertainment, and business. Personal computer or devices allows the individuals to access a range of different sources. Where, a centralised network system passes everything and allow access to information only from one source, and a distributed network system allows every single person to access content from more than one source at a time.


When’s it’s so easy to access so much information, of course privacy issue will rise! All searches are kept by and are recorded by service providers, nothing is private on the Internet. However there is a network called VPN which mix-up searches so service providers are not able to keep records.

How does the VPN work?


Virtual Private Network is used to protect privacy. It’s a paid service that keeps your search secure and private over public WI-FI hotspots. VPN can also help you bypass government censorship restrictions and also get past regional restrictions for movie, video and music streaming sites.

VPN is a secure passageway between the site you want you visit on the Internet and your PC. It than connects the PC to a VPN server which can be location in a foreign country like US, Uk or France. You are basically not using your computer’s location but the server’s geographical location for browsing most websites.

It’s also able to counteract the firewall and take you to the website that maybe blocked. It’s brilliant for pirating latest films.




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Signing off,

Khan Sultana Nazish


14 thoughts on “The Network Society Paradigm”

    1. Because there is firewall , that why Chinese people aren’t allowed to access some sites or apps like Facebook or Twitter because government are controlling and observing what the public are doing or saying . so with VPN server it can’t be tracked which computer is accessing what and what .

      So if there is no firewall , of course people would be happy ! But again internet is not a safe place to be on forever , information can never be forever deleted ! It’s still stored somewhere where we won’t even know .

      Hope you understand 🙂


  1. This is quite interesting to find out how VPN works. I would love to hear the pros and cons of using VPN. In countries like China, its more commonly used as the government has censored a lot of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. VPN can definitely give rights to users for accessing online sites and people can make good use of it but how about if people intend to misuse this network? How will that effect the economy?

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    1. I am glad, that you found this blog interesting. Pros of using VPN is in a country where there are much are restrictions related to being on internet, you can easily access any site without blockage and interference from government because it can pass through the firewall, your privacy is protected as they cannot track your location. Cons could be that music and movie industry might be affected because people can easily illegally download music and movies to their computers.

      Well misusing and not misusing is based on their own choice and they have to face the consequences by themselves. Internet is a broad area, let’s hope everyones safe.

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      1. Yes, it does majorly affect the movie industry despite their hand work and talent they might not be earning sufficient as people access their work illegally. It saves their money so that they can enjoy free entertainment. As we learned, flow of information is not controlled which goes the same for users who can not be controlled by any authority as the online platform is an independent server. Anyways, we can try our best to encourage people only and not control their usage online.

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  2. Yes , exactly. Evryone are free to use however and whenever they want to use the Internet as long as they have proper server and a place to live at where it isn’t very restricted . Otherwise the nodes are free now, it’s not controlled by anyone majorly .

    We can obviously tell people what’s right and wrong by that’s our perspective , they have their own . people are going to do what they feel like is suitable for their situation.

    Let’s just spread posiveity rather than negatively to the users , if we come up to one of those .


  3. Thats the best lecture week so far. i love information flow haha. Its true that VPN is the privacy protection . However, since the distribute information flow, the way to break through the VPN is everywhere. Thats why people download some application and break the VPN in China lol

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    1. AHAHA, information flow is great till you realize bad side of it.
      Yes VPN server is an angel to those who are stuck and ain’t able to do what others can in the other parts of the world such as USA. in fact Internet and flow of information is not controlled by anyone, its running by itself. How awesome is that, right?


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